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Our Story.


A little history....

Emoki Nails started life as a family run business by the amazing Emma Kilani, a nail artist of 25+ years experience. She found it so hard to get clients to use cuticle oil religiously (even though she nagged and rolled her eyes plenty). It seemed she had to bewitch them to make them use it. So in 2018 she began the Emoki journey and a great big long year of learning , plotting plans and convincing her family to help with manufacture. They began actively nourishing cuticles in February 2019. 

Now..... this is where we come in. The Allens!

In 2021 Emma decided to bow out of the nail industry as she was suffering a lack of work life balance, we've all been there right? When she announced she was leaving, I (Rachel, the pink haired goddess you see in the pic) immediately called my good friend Emma and pleaded with her not to stop making Emoki, I and my clients (I'm also a tech of 24 years) love Emoki so much. When she told me she couldn't continue I lamented this to the hubster (Steve, the blokey in the pic) and he said why don't we see if we can buy it? we can run it with our daughters, Charlotte and Jenna. (I know what you are all thinking, he he, you should never work with family right? well i'll let you know how it goes lol)

So in august 2021, just a week before mine and Stevens 4 year wedding anniversary we drove to Gretna in Scotland to meet Emma and bought Emoki. Right there in the land of weddings my hubby and I also became work husband and wife.... YAY.

I hope to bring my years of experience as a nail tech to Emoki, just as Emma before me did, Steven is an engineer so he has very exacting standards, Charlotte and Jenna will have a lot to learn but I'm sure they will find their niche at Emoki in no time.

Fun fact: Emoki is actually a mix of Emmas family names... Emma, Mondher, Mo & Kilani... 

So her amazing legacy will live on. 

A little insight....

You probably know that Emma made everything herself. And we mean literally. Many a night has been spent labelling bottles until 11pm because they got a big fat bottling sesh the next day. They used to hand fill by syringe but then they got a filling machine (which is all in Chinese BTW!) which cuts time and saves aching shoulders. They mixed labeled and bottled in house, in the misty hills of Perthshire, Scotland.

Well (for now) that's how it will stay, but it is all now in Stevens man cave and Charlottes old room in our family home in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, so if we are out of stock, have patience, we're planning the next refill! ;)

Emma created everything from the fragrances to images and from website to marketing. Then she would pick and pack all orders... except when there's a sale or launch, then she would have help. long days and hard work, and all that will remain the same for us, Emma has taught me (as best she could with a technophobe like me) to do all that she did, but please be patient, as I'm no where near as skilled with technology as she was.

A little ethos....

We are still a baby as a company, and now with new owners at the helm learning from scratch what Emma built and designed, but as far as some brands go and we are learning so much, at the very heart of our ethos remains to produce great products that clients really want to use and that REALLY work! 

After 24 years working as a nail tech, I know that when clients look after their nails and artificial nail coatings it makes our job a whole lot easier and faster. And if our services are faster we can fit more clients in and make more moolah (which is the bottom line after all)! Funny to think that such a little bottle has the ability to make such a difference.

A little planet loving....

In our household we recycle as much as we can and we love things that we can re-use, so we've continued that ethos into our era with the business as well. We have little 4.5ml, Mini-Moki glass dropper bottles that fit nicely in your pocket or handbag, as well as our regular 15ml Midi-Moki glass droppers, all hygienically sealed with a tamper proof cap. In addition, we've created a 100ml Maxi-Moki refill bottle that you can use to refill your fave oils and not keep throwing bottles away! All our product packaging can be recycled (please check recycling options with your local recycle centre).

Our packaging is as eco-friendly as we are! We use cardboard and a biodegradable bubble wrap which will degrade in landfill. The only thing that can't be recycled is our parcel bags (that's one for the courier!) and the sticky tape.

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