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Did you know Rachel is also a podcaster?

You can find all series 1 episodes on Spotify, apple podcasts, google podcasts, radio public, cast box and overcast as well as a few more.

Series 1 guests are-

*Scratch magazines managing editor Helena Briggs

*liza Smith, Seriel entrepreneur, salon owner and industry mentor

*Owner of Kuku nails and training in Northern Ireland, Helen Crane

*Holly Schippers, AKA the fingernail fixer

*Carol "sheeney" Hailstone

*Victoria Taylor, Award winning tech and manager of Sheffields Style bar

*The amazing Sam Biddle, creator of Be inspired

*Katie Barnes< creator of the KB Glow

*Emma Killani (before her decision to step down from the nail world)

*Denise Ferguson from find serveyors, specialist in leases for the salon industry

*Nataliya Al-ta'ai, CND supreamo

*Denise Wright, Owner of perfect 10 salon and educator, product developer for NSI and competitions director for multiple awards

*Liz Firth, Owner of EMF training academy

*Rebecca Issac, scratch star winner

*Lauren Brooker, owner of GB wrist rests

*And the series finale is live chats from outside the 2021 scratch stars party with winners and some old friends

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