Maxi-Moki 100ml Cuticle Oils
  • Maxi-Moki 100ml Cuticle Oils

    All your favourite fragrances now availabe in 100ml refill sizes!!!


    Top up your salon stock and encourage your clients to refill their oils, rather than throwing them away. 🐠🌱🌏


    100ml Maxi-Moki's:

    RRP: £30 (Profit = £13.50 per bottle)

    RRP 4.5ml refill: £3.50 (Profit = £2.67 per refill)

    RRP 15ml refill: £5.50 (Profit = £3.02 per refill)

    • Great to Know

      PET Bottle

      • Easy, no mess decanting with the twist top pointed nozzle
      • Lid screws on tight - no spilling if it falls over
      • Label is resistant to Acetone and Oil (yep, we tested them in salon!)
      • Widely Recycled
    • Key Ingredients

      All our oils have the same, nourishing, nut free base with fragrances added. Please refer to individual labels for information  on allergens.

      Emoki Cuticle oils unique blend has lots of awesome properties:

      • Apricot Kernel Oil is a light and dry oil, with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, that is quickly absorbed into the skin and nails to provide a deeply nourishing conditioner that seals in moisture.
      • Hemp Seed Oil, as well as aiding the penetration of antioxidants, contains essential fatty acids that work to quickly heal overly dry, damaged skin.
      • Maracuja Oil, rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin C, is easily absorbed into the skin, helping to protect, repair and hydrate the skin.
      • Jojoba Oil, with its natural anti-fungal and richly moisturising properties, is perfect for treating dry, brittle nails as well as the dry skin around nails whilst locking in moisture.
      • Vitamin E Oil is an antioxidant which neutralises free radicals, helping to rejuvenate and soften dry and damaged skin.

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